Churchtown to Light Ash Farm (L)

Distance: 4miles


Toilet & Tea stops:

Light Ash Farm – Toilets and cafe (superb homemade cakes)


There is a large car park next to St Helen’s Church in the beautiful little village of Churchtown. The Punchbowl pub is close by and offers excellent lunches. NB: The latter is now closed 2018


Church of St Helen’s

Proceed through the edge of the churchyard away from the village to an old Victorian wrought iron gate. Through this and head through the meadow to the footbridge over the River Wyre.


Wrought iron gate
Thin path
Footbridge over River Wyre

Once over carry straight on and through a pair of stiles.

Two stiles

Ignore the track to the left following the river. However take the next left, technically a left bend in the road. The road bends right and meets another road by some bungalows. Keep right here.

Keep right at the junction

On meeting The Gate House carry straight on through some tall, green, open wooden gates, over a stile and into a wood. This delightful path runs straight as a die under the cover of trees.

Straight on past Gate House
Entry to the long woodland path

Hop over the stile at the end.

The stile at the end

Now at this point, it depends exactly what time of year it is.

If it is winter and most vegetation is dead then turn right and follow a tiny track along the brook, curving left at the end until you meet a good sized concrete footbridge.

Turning right
Stile and bridge in background

If it is summer, the whole area resembles the Amazon jungle. Turn left along a tiny track and make your way as best you can to a stile. It is only a distance of about 50m. Over this stile and exit into a field. Turn right here and follow the trees on your right, through an open gate into another field and then up a grassy slope to find the footbridge.

Looking left
Stile into open field
Keep trees on your right
Through open gate, bank in distance

Cross the footbridge and set off along the embankment to the right of the River Brock all the way to a gate which is by another road bridge on the track to Light Ash Farm / cafe.

Bridge over River Brock

Along the embankment on right bank


Beacon Fell in distance


Steel bridge at Light Ash Farm


The restaurant/cafe/toilet/shop etc..

NB: Light Ash Farm is closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.